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Online Antenatal Courses

We understand that times are changing and so have we! Empower yourself and learn how to trust in your body. The  5 week Your Birth 101 course has the convenience of an online course BUT we have combined it with a highly interactive dedicated WhatsApp group to ask questions, chat amongst each other and really share in the experience with a group of like minded ladies. We share tips and tricks, have interactive discussions as well as dedicated weekly Q & A sessions!


You will also get invited to join our private Facebook Group, Bub Club Online which is a great platform to learn, grow and share on your journey through pregnancy and parenthood.


This course is for expectant couples or just for Mum - to - be, to learn about pregnancy and how to enjoy it to its full, discover all your birthing options and how to achieve a positive and fulfilling birth experience. We will cover topics such as understanding the different stages of labour and birth, cesarean sections, drawing up a birth plan, breastfeeding, skin to skin and so much more. 

We understand that each birth is unique and we aim to prepare you for any birthing outcome.

We also delve into the psychology of becoming a parent and how to cope in the first few weeks as you transition to parenthood.

Course Breakdown

Week 1

  • The psychology of becoming a parent

  • Warning signs

  • Pre-term labour signs

  • What is a Birth Plan?


Week 2

  • Understanding the stages of labour

  • Understanding your pain

Week 3

  • Comfort techniques

  • Birthing your baby

Week 4

  • Hospital routines and procedures 

  • Cesarean Birth

Week 5

  • Breastfeeding

  • Latch & positioning

  • The Microbiome

Mother Baby Bonding

Online Baby 101 Courses

Launching June 2022

Professional post birth support course for new Mums navigating life with a newborn. This  Your Baby 101 course is a great follow on to the Antenatal Course or a great way to join a tribe of new Mums and get the support you need. It follows the same format as the Your Birth 101 course using a WhatsApp Group as well as online videos.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about practical newborn baby care such as bathing, nappy changing, dressing your baby as well as understanding your baby's 'language'. We give you tips and tricks on sleep, routine, tired and hunger cues and so much more. This workshop focuses on equipping you with all the parenting skills needed to look after a newborn baby. A fun and practical workshop to fully guide you throughout early parenting.