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Mamma & Toddler Enrichment Classes

Mama & Toddler Classes are divided into 2 age groups:

18 – 24 months

  2 --- 4 years

The Mama & Toddler Program is divided into 3 exciting classes:

Arts & Crafts

This class will boost your little ones creativity and fine motor development as they delve into a world of colour and imagination.

They will paint, draw, craft and have fun! 

Busy Bubs

This is a wonderful movement and gross motor class to work on your toddlers’ core strength, midline crossing , hand eye coordination and dexterity. They will hop, crawl, balance and skip, using their bodies and minds. An introduction to basic ball skills will also improve hand eye coordination and dexterity.

Little Chef’s

This class will thrill the taste buds of your toddler and help eliminate fussy eating by encouraging a healthy love of different tastes and textures all while experimenting with cooking and baking. They will scoop, stir, mix and chop their way to developing a love for food and cooking!


  • An introduction-to-playschool type classes with all the intellectual stimulation , except there is no emotional trauma or adjustment for toddlers as mama stays with him / her

  • Interactive Mum and Baby classes to encourage your little one's participation

  • An informal play-based introduction to colours, shapes, counting, phonetics, sorting, matching, weather, days of the week etc.

  • Montessori practical life activities, e.g. manners, art and preschool skills, life skills, kitchen skills, care of self and care of the environment

  • Social opportunities to make friends, exhibit manners, parallel play, share and learn acceptable social behavior.

  • Coffee/tea and chat time for Mum's while toddlers have free play at the end of class

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