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Baby Led Sleep Coaching

Hey there, tired but awesome parents! I'm Natascha Barrett, your partner in this sleep-deprived adventure and the holistic baby led sleep and wellbeing specialist at Bub Club. We understand that baby sleep isn't just about bedtime routines & wake windows; it's holistic, tied to your baby's personality, your family dynamic, and even feeding habits. Say goodbye to the cookie-cutter approach, and let's dive into a sleep coaching experience as unique as your little one.


In our one-on-one chats, I'm not just giving advice; I'm handing you the keys to sleep success. As your baby led sleep and wellbeing sidekick, I blend my skills as a sleep coach, postpartum doula and breastfeeding coach to tackle sleep troubles from all angles.


We kick things off by creating a cozy and safe sleep space for your mini-me. Together, we'll figure out routines that work for your family because, let's be real, every baby is their own boss. I'll be your guide in decoding your baby's secret language of cues so you can speak their sleep love language.


Need to soothe a fussy baby? Got your back. And for all you breastfeeding warriors, I've got personalized techniques to make it a breeze.


Oh, and those sleep regressions everyone warns you about? We'll tackle those together with some insider tips and tricks.


Our philosophy at Bub Club embraces the belief that gentle, attachment-based methods are the key to peaceful nights for both baby and parents. In a world where new mothers are often advised to ignore their instincts or resort to cry-it-out methods, we stand apart. Our baby-led approach is a bespoke journey, acknowledging the uniqueness of each baby's temperament and the dynamics of every family. We navigate the intricacies of sleep with a deep understanding of baby sleep patterns, providing practical and tailored solutions.


Our commitment is to empower you with the knowledge to respond to your baby's needs without compromising the precious bond you share. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to nights of restful sleep, guided by empathy and a commitment to nurturing attachment. Join us on this personalized journey to better sleep for both you and your little one. Ready to catch some winks with us? Let's do this! 

Newborn Baby

How it works?

1:1 Sleep Coaching

Embark on a personalised sleep transformation with our 1:1 Sleep Coaching, designed for parents tackling specific sleep challenges or who are wanting one on one sleep education. This coaching experience provides tailored solutions, offering the flexibility of virtual or in-person sessions. Virtual consultations are conducted seamlessly through Zoom or Teams, while in-person coaching can take place in the comfort of your own home or mine—whichever suits your preference. Taking into account your unique birth experience, baby's temperament, the mother-baby dyad and feeding journey, you will be given the tools and understanding needed to navigate your baby's sleep. Your journey to better sleep begins with personalised support crafted just for you.

What you will get:

  • 1 hour deep dive session to understand your baby and family dynamics via Zoom or in person

  • Safe sleep nursery assessment

  • Deep dive evaluation

  • 1 hour bespoke sleep solutions session via Zoom

  • PDF of your evaluation & bespoke solutions

  • Printable guides and resources

  • Four weeks of support via WhatsApp between 8am and 4pm

  • Weekly email check in for troubleshooting.

Cost: R1800 

The following is also on offer:

•    1 hour deep dive session to understand your baby and family dynamics via zoom or in person

•    Deep dive evaluation 

•    1 hour bespoke sleep solutions session via zoom

•    1 week of support via WhatsApp between 8am and 4pm

Cost: R 900

Please note that in person consultations, are only on offer for the Upper Highway are BUT online consultations are available for the rest of SA and abroad.

How it works?

Group Sleep Coaching

Discover a comprehensive approach to newborn sleep with our Group Sleep Coaching, tailored for parents of infants aged birth to 6 months OR to get fully prepared for newborn sleep while you are still pregnant. This program empowers parents to gain a deeper understanding of newborn sleep and apply their newfound knowledge independently. Conducted virtually over four weeks, our Group Coaching includes prerecorded video lessons for flexible viewing at your convenience.

As part of this interactive experience, you'll join a supportive WhatsApp group hosted by Natascha, where you can connect with fellow parents. This combination of an online course and a collaborative group setting provides the best of both worlds — the convenience of self-paced learning with the added benefit of real-time guidance from a dedicated coach. Watch the videos in sequence or all at once, it's totally up to you! Join us on this journey to better sleep for both you and your little one!

What you will get:

  • Pre recorded lessons unpacking everything from the truth about newborn sleep, regressions, routines and cues.

  • Safe sleep nursery checklist 

  • Printable guides and resources.

  • Four weeks of support via WhatsApp between 8am and 3pm to ask questions on the group.

Cost: R880


First course starting February 2024

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