Antenatal Classes

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We know that you want to be ready for birth AND  baby, so we would like to introduce you to our comprehensive, thorough and gently empowering Antenatal Course for couples. In this course, we focus on BIRTH preparation as well as on NEWBORN BABY basics.


This is also a wonderful opportunity to meet other expectant couples who you can share your journey with. Please also remember that Bub Club has wonderful courses as well as Mum and Baby classes that you can start once baby is born, most of our antenatal Mum's join these and are then guaranteed to get a big group of mum friends for that all important support!


What’s included?

  • 3 x Childbirth Education Classes

  • 1 x Baby 101 Education Class

  • 1 x Comprehensive Breastfeeding Class by Sr Lindsey, IBCLC

  • Messaging access to Tasch and Sam as your ‘Virtual Doulas’ for expert advice before birth and up to 6 weeks after baby arrives.

  • An ongoing WhatsApp group for all the couples to use as a support.


When? Tuesday Evenings

Time? 17:30 - 19:30

Cost? R1980 per couple (covered by medical aid)

Where? Bub & Co Mum and Baby Lifestyle Centre, 1 Igwababa Rd, Kloof

Course Breakdown



The psychology of becoming parents

  • Understanding what pregnancy, birth & parenting means to us as individuals and a couple.

  • expectation Vs reality of being a parent

  • Starting a Birth Plan - being realistic about our options


  • Normal symptoms Vs warning signs

Labor & Birth (Vaginal & Cesarean)

  • Understanding the physiology of Labour & Birth

  • The stages of labour

  • Birthing options

    • Vaginal Birth options

    • Cesarean Birth options

  • Practical session: Positions for labour and birth

  • Managing discomfort in labour

  • Pain relief options

  • Mindset and relaxation

  • Breathing techniques

What to expect in hospital

  • Hospital procedures for mother

  • Hospital procedures for baby


  • Expectation Vs Reality

  • Why breastfeeding is so important for mother & baby & how to succeed

  • Skin to Skin & the Microbiome

  • Practical session: Positions for feeding


Early Days after the birth

  • What to expect on the first day

  • Practical session: Changing a nappy, Dressing & correct Swaddling technique (and the science behind it), how to bath baby.

  • Setting up your home environment for maximum convenience

  • Understanding your baby: hunger cues, tired clues and stress signals

  • How to comfort and respond to your baby

Settling into life with Baby

  • Common baby problems and what to do: Crying, Fever, Constipation, Diarrhoea & Dehydration

  • Where should baby sleep?

  • Cot Death (SIDS) and factors that are proven to reduce it


We would love to offer you a supportive, evidence based and honest approach to your prenatal and postnatal education! 

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